Assam Green

$6.50 AUD $8.00 AUD


‘Exclusive high grown Assam valley non-fermented produce. Rich in Catechin (polyphenol) content, this super fine tea yields a well being cuppa. Highly acclaimed over shores’

Assam Orthodox (TGFOP)

$7.50 AUD $0.00 AUD


‘By far the most consummate Assam tea with supreme ‘Flowery Orange Pekoe’, crowned with bright tips, to mellow the brew. Brisk, body, aroma, malty, smooth – you have it all’

Assam CTC (BOP)

$7.00 AUD $0.00 AUD


‘Grainy, well made Broken Orange Pekoe, brisk in its aroma & rich in flavor, that asserts a strong presence on the palate’