Nepal Oolong (OUT OF STOCK)

$6.50 AUD


‘This high quality Oolong, comes  from the Nepalese Himalayan region. Relish this liquor of amber, smooth and delicious, semi-fermented with smoky muscatel undertones’.

Organic Darjeeling White Peony

$16.50 AUD


‘Delicate leaves with a perfect fluffy bud, plucked in summer, in the most segregate areas of tea garden. Liquor resembles pale green apple, with aroma of hay, sweet on the palate, with a well rounded balance of gooseberry and honey’ – Certified Organic, Biodynamic, Fair-Trade Tea.

Organic Darjeeling Oolong

$10.00 AUD


‘Inhale your senses to the heady aroma of forest fire after a light rain, easing off to a refreshingly smokey feel to the palate. Mild semi fermented between green and black, manufacturing requires a special technique of foot rolling in cheese clothes, during 15 hours of withering’ – Certified Organic, Biodynamic, Fair-Trade Tea.