Promising the finest brew in every cup


As a modern Australian tea store, we aim to bring you more than just tea. Many of our teas are sourced through certified organic biodynamic fair-trade farms, that are engaged in permaculture farming practices. This creates a specific personality in the soil, which is reflected in our teas identity and high quality. All our teas come in Silken Pyramid Teabags except for those that are loose-leaf. Enjoy the infusion!

Each tea we sell has been picked on the merits of taste and quality, ensuring you a refreshing and clean tasting tea. With the same passion as we have for our teas, we attempt to indulge you in our teas, by way of bringing you the best teas and blends. Our unique tea blends offer the best health benefits and contemporary flavours, masterfully created using premium tea and spices.

Tea Mantra teas are available in cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, yoga centres and health shops. Our collection includes a wide range of organic and conventional CTC and Orthodox Teas, including Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, flavoured green and black, and Herbal Teas.


Organic and Fair trade

In Harmony With Nature, In Harmony With One Another! At Tea Mantra, we take a holistic approach towards sourcing our teas. Our Darjeeling tea range includes certified Organic, Biodynamic and Fair-Trade teas, sourced from Makaibari tea gardens, one of the oldest organic tea gardens in India.

The Fair-Trade Certification Mark is your independent assurance, that a product has been certified in accordance with international Fair-Trade Standards.



Tea Bags For Your Personalised brewing

We are cautious about our environment and your well-being. Therefore, we have introduced biodegradable teabags for your personal brewing, that are chemical free. Each teabag can hold upto 4g of loose tea (20 teabags in a pack). Make your cup of the strength you prefer.


Our Exclusivity 

Tea Mantra brings you various types of organic Darjeeling teas that are not available everywhere. Darjeeling tea is universally acknowledged to be the one of the finest in the world. Available in green, black, oolong and white, our teas are grown in a biodynamic environment. Our ‘Silver Green’ tea from Darjeeling, is highly sought after by the connoisseurs of green tea around the world.

Our conventional Assam tea range offers high quality pure Assam certified tea, from Luxmi Tea gardens. This certification logo is a guarantee by the Tea Board of India, that stringent quality practices were adopted in the production of pure Assam tea. Our Assam teas like Black CTC (BOP) and Orthodox (TGFOP) are highly acclaimed in Germany, France, USA, Gulf, Russia & Japan.